How to create an NFT for free

Registering for a cryptocurrency wallet:

To register for an account on every NFT marketplace and generate your NFT, you will require a bitcoin wallet. Since Metamask is among the most popular and easily accessible, we’ve decided to use it. There are substitutes, such as the Coinbase wallet.

You will be given a 12-word “seed phrase” when you register your wallet account; this will serve as your special password. The seed phrase serves as your security code, so keep it private and don’t disclose it anywhere.

Creating an NFT marketplace account:

Following the instructions, link the Metamask account to the Rarible account after creating our account (adding your user name, photo, bio, etc.). When you link your two accounts, all transactions will be simple to perform and your NFTs will automatically appear in your wallet (you’ll need to access Metamask’s settings to enable this). Your login for Rare is also my Metamask account.

nft art

Creating some artwork:

You swiftly produce a brand-new work of art for this tutorial on how to make an NFT for no cost. You can use the painting program Rebelle 5 to quickly draw out some random picture references from the internet. I don’t focus on fine details, just the overall shape, and proportions of the face.

Create any art you enjoy making; an NFT could be any digital file; in this case, though, you will go with a digital painting. You prepare to upload the new painting to my brand-new NFT marketplace account & mint it as an NFT after saving it as a jpg.

Buddha could be nft

Uploading your artwork:

It’s time to upload my artwork and start making a free NFT. There are fairly clear instructions for posting your artwork on these NFT marketplace websites like Rarible, and the procedure is often the same (some select NFT marketplaces may want to verify you, and this can take a few days). To proceed, select the Create button in the top right corner of your account.

You must now select a blockchain. There are four options on Rare, including the newest low-carbon cryptocurrency options Flow, Tezos, and Polygon.

Future art in NFT

Select free minting:

You can choose from the choices below to determine the amount and kind of NFT you are minting. For instance, choose Single to mint a single, unique NFT or Multiple to mint a group of NFTs. Give it a name, a description, and a price before turning “On” to the free minting feature.

Free minting, often referred to as lazily minting, enables you to charge the consumer for the expense of minting rather than charging yourself. You often need to pay “gas fees,” or the cost of doing business on the blockchain, to mint an NFT. Depending on the amount of activity on the blockchain when you are minting, the fee may go up or down; the higher the volume, the more expensive. It’s typically cheaper to travel in the evening or early in the morning.

But there are no charges if you choose Free Minting. Shifting the customer’s gas prices has the problem that you might need to lower your asking price to reflect the new cost, or you might want to arrange your NFT as merely an auction and let the buyer decide.

Minting, but in a glass

The NFT is produced.

When the NFT is minted on Rare, a beautiful explosion of virtual confetti occurs. The hard job now starts. It’s best to publish on social media as soon as possible and talk about your new NFT. From within the NFT marketplace, you can instantly connect the new NFT to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking platforms.

You see, minting an NFT for free is simple, but there are certain things you need to be aware of. The advantage of cheap minting allows you to easily produce an NFT for free, but it can also have some disadvantages because NFT marketplaces frequently make “regular” NFTs more noticeable. You’ll need to create more of your social channels as a result to promote yourself. To view how this NFT appears in the real world, search for it on Rarible.

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