Types of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies come in multiple forms. Know about the types to invest in the best without hesitation.

  • Utility tokens

They are acceptable in most places and come with a digital voucher or token of benefit. You can exchange it for the value the giver has specified. It comprises an exchange with blockchain.

  • Security tokens

Issued via Security Token Offerings, these tokens come with financial regulators and tokenization security. You can exchange it for bonds, stocks, properties, and more.

  • Equity and Asset-backed tokens

They are a type of security token. Equity token comes with the exchange of assets in digital form. Asset-based are tradable and help you have assets like gold, silver, oil, etc.

  • Payment tokens

As the name suggests, these tokens come with the benefit of exchanging them for goods and services. Not all, but most of the cryptos fall in this exchange category.

  • Exchange token

These tokens come with exchanging the cryptos within the crypto environment. You can swap them as per the best need. It increases liquidity and lets you participate.

  • Non-fungible tokens

These are neither exchangeable nor do they come with any monetary worth. They are digital assets that come with individual value and ownership. It has a single copy and is non-reproducible.

  • Decentralized finance

It comes with an Ethereum-based blockchain and is exchangeable. You can sell, buy, exchange, grow, keep, and earn the benefits accordingly. One can use it globally via P2P in the global market.

  • Stablecoins

These coins come with a pre-determined or predictable value and have a stable backup like fiat. The Dollar and Euro currencies, or gold and other commodities, are under it. 

  • Private tokens

These tokens come with keeping up the privacy of individuals’ transactions. Unlike the other cryptocurrencies, they have their transaction path hidden for the best.

The top-3 currencies of the crypto world!

Cryptocurrencies come in multiple forms and types. You must know the best of them to invest and gain profit over time. Know the leading currencies, but check their current graph before investment.

ltc, btc, eth


These are the original cryptocurrency. It has a market capitalization of over $846 billion and comes with a stable substitute for investment. BTC works on the basis of a blockchain and comes with puzzles to add security to its operation. It makes use of P2P technology and is one of the most popular picks of people. With rising demands and elevating graphs, you can rely on it as its growth is commendable.


Holding a capital of $361 million, it is most-liked for its seamless application and smart contracts. These contracts have automation to execute as per the favorable conditions and NFTs. They saw a tremendous increase in investment and are on the leading list. It started in 2016, and its growth chart urges people to believe in and invest in its currency. The ETH is a potential currency you will not want to miss.


With an acronym AVAX, it is one of the most reliable cryptos and a strong ETH competitor. It uses smart contracts for its work and offers a nearly instant transaction. Being native to the Avalanche blockchain, it comes with a market cap of $4.11 Billion. With easy exchanges, it goes better for a low fee and quicker transactions. It comes with multiple uses and is one of the best picks for a two-way win!

Investing in a new volatile market can be overwhelming initially. Knowledge about cryptos can make it engaging and addictive for anyone. Initially, do not spend much and have a reliable source of knowledge. The only thing that aids is being careful and investing in learning the tricks. But once you get a hold of it and understand how things work, you are all set to sail!

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